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    How to maintain furniture

    01 Leather sofa, leather soft bed how to clean stains

    Coriaceous sofa is after removing dust every time, the oil that maintains special sable oil, sheep oil, leather is wiped on its surface. Usable soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture, and mildew point can be used to remove mildew agent after besmear leather maintenance oil; To dermal sofa, can consider to put a few desiccant appropriately to maintain dry.

    Method one: leather sofa and soft leather bed can be dipped in a little egg white or pure milk with a dry rag to wipe the stains repeatedly. Egg white and milk contain the same fat, which can quickly dissolve the stains on the leather bed and sofa, so that the sofa or soft leather bed can be restored to the original brightness.

    Method 2: can wipe sofa with banana peel and orange peel, the soft fiber in using banana peel and orange peel passes the means of friction, besmirch purify. Then wipe it clean with a clean cloth.

    02 Remove dirt from metal furniture surfaces

    If metal furniture in your home is stained, use a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste to wipe it. Use the abrasive agent in toothpaste to remove stains, so that the surface of metal furniture to restore the luster.

    Maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture

    In the light of the besmirch on wooden furniture, we absolutely cannot be too hasty, because besmirch once infiltrate woodiness interior, want to clear basic is impossible thing.

    Ligneous furniture is carelessly smeared, want not to be stubborn sex besmirch only, we want to take dishcloth to soak in milk only a few minutes, wipe ligneous furniture with dishcloth next, decontamination effect is very good, clean water is brushed again after wiping.

    If wood furniture is painted, dust residues on it will be very obvious. At this time, it is recommended to use wet gauze to wrap tea leaves to wipe, or to scrub with cold tea water, so that the paint surface will be more smooth and bright.

    How does the besmirch of 04 plush cloth art sofa clean

    As everyone knows, cloth art sofa is very intolerant dirty, carelessly can leave stubborn besmirch. At this moment you can dip in a little alcohol with a soft brush to wipe again, and then blow dry with a hair dryer.

    If it is fruit juice and other stains, it is recommended to use 1 teaspoon soda powder + water, and wipe with a cloth, the stains will be easily removed.

    If you have a fabric sofa, or a plush toy, try it.

    How to remove the chewing gum on the sofa on the carpet

    For most of us, accidentally getting gum on the sofa is a serious problem.

    A good solution is to put ice cubes in a plastic bag and cover the gum with ice cubes. After about 30 minutes, the gum will harden gradually. Remove the ice cubes and use a brush to remove the gum easily.

    06 Log furniture maintenance

    To housewife, of log furniture maintain is not a difficult thing, maintain rise quite easy also.

    For instance: gush the surface of log furniture directly with water wax of water quality, reoccupy dry dishcloth to wipe, furniture can be like brightness new.

    If scratches are found on the surface of log furniture, it is recommended to apply some cod liver oil and wipe it with a damp cloth the next day.

    Additional, nibble log furniture with thick salt water, can prevent woodiness decay effectively, prolong the service life of furniture.

    07 Glass furniture how to clean

    In daily life, glass furniture can be seen everywhere. But the cleanness to vitreous furniture, believe a lot of people are stranger.

    For instance: when having a meal to drink soup, make glass surface is touched easily smeary, can wipe bai radish slice desktop at this moment, can produce the clean effect that lets you expect to be less than.

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