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Top 10 Light Luxury Furniture Brands

When we are in decorating a house, the first time will consider furniture style is tie-in, rushing in recent years popular light luxury style furniture, believe that got the favour of you, top ten luxury furniture brand, on people's influence is bigger, because light luxury furniture brand will affect the people for the quality of the furniture, but also need people to know characteristics of luxury furniture, because of the relative to other household, light luxury furniture or have very big advantage and advantage, so that's why people choose to light the luxury furniture.

Top 10 Light Luxury Furniture Brands?

1, Cavalli, Italian furniture brand Cavalli, is not so much a modernistic style, as a kind of surrealism, because it into more feature elements, such as three-dimensional decoration, color dared, witty aesthetic elements, exquisite workmanship and fashionable style, convey a more progressive and fashionable life attitude and philosophy.

Altamoda, a famous Italian furniture brand, has always been famous for its elegant and elegant planning. With vibrant colors, retro and prudent planning and exquisite accessories, Altamoda interprets the new modern sentiment of classical and luxurious home furnishing and invents the planning style.

3. Baxter, "Beyond Ordinary" -- You can see these four words in every product that Baxter makes so skillfully. Baxter selects high-quality leather, chooses the traditional pure handicraft, pays attention to every detail, the characteristic modern planning and the strict selection procedure all ensure the distinguished and special quality of Baxter products.

4. Boffi, the history of Boffi can be traced back to 1928, when the craftsman Carlo Boffi focused on the French Louis XV and Louis XVI style carved wooden chairs, reproducing the classic flavor, in 1953 with Federico, Roberto and Michel collaboration began, followed by the establishment of a new factory Lentate in 1968. Boffi has two pillars: the top spot, testing all possibilities, and delving into the features of wood carved art furniture. Second, as far as possible for customers to provide private customization, make special furniture, supporting a complete system, make unusual products.

5. Cappellini, Cappellini, since its establishment in 1946, has brought many characteristics and ideas to the international furniture, together with showing the amazing inventiveness of an international idea group. Cappellini's products are never monotonous or ridiculous. Their products are always vibrant, lightweight, healthy and witty, which are the features of Cappellini's collection of vivid fractures and contrasts.

Novi home, Italy Novi home from the Italian-style household brand, Novi home industry took the lead in putting forward the "whole house furniture customization" this new concept, in a very short time, stores opened all over the country and even Asia, the results outperformed the same group. Novi home whole house furniture customization center has become a well-known domestic furniture brand enterprises. Has established a stable distribution network in the large and medium-sized cities in the country, custom-made products into tens of millions of families, popular, outstanding reputation.

7, Europe and the West, Europe and the West is affiliated to Guangzhou City Europe and the West Furniture Co., Ltd., is a professional development, production, sales of all wardrobe and related supporting custom products of the comprehensive enterprise, preferred production ONMuse all wardrobe, cloakroom, study, bedroom, guest restaurant, sliding door and other six series of products. Ousi has always been adhering to the "innovation as the source, quality-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, is committed to custom-made heart-to-heart products for customers, has been adhering to customer demand-oriented, quality as the product life, to high-quality service as the center, to build environmental protection, harmony, good home life.

8, d, d is the domestic leading brand of custom furniture industry, is the center of foshan d is furniture manufacture co., LTD. Brand, headquarters is located in foshan, guangdong province, relying on digital technology, set up different, finished furniture made from the traditional to the modern transformation of household help make jin, become furniture brands have been paid much attention by government and industry. Since its inception, it has instilled the reuse of innovative technology service furniture, put forward the concept of digital customization in China, and explored a new way to choose the integration of information technology and industrialization to transform the traditional industry in furniture making. It is a benchmarking service enterprise in the industry.

9. Sofia. In 1981, Hassenfratz founded the French SOGal, which changed the map of European wardrobe. In 2001, the founder of Sofia brand and Mr. Hazzenfratz according to the needs of Chinese consumers, Sofia closet sliding door products were introduced into our country. On the basis of digesting and absorbing the concept of closet sliding door planning, the founder combined the advantages of closet sliding door, handicraft making wardrobe and product wardrobe, carried out the whole house customized furniture in different countries, and launched the Sophia classic louver series wardrobe in China.

10, Wenders, Wenders furniture factory China furniture industry focus quality furniture production enterprise, is a company specializing in the production of production, research and development, sales, software, real wood kind of furniture enterprises, strong technical force, has a large number of high-quality professional talents, and introduce the foreign professional furniture production equipment and production lines, through rigorous scientific management, set up a flag in the furniture industry.
The company has been adhering to the tradition of meticulous, novel style and thoughtful service, committed to the design and production of high-quality products for the purpose of strict control of production of every link, from the selection of raw materials to finished product production have been carefully carved, to create a reasonable structure, beautiful, elegant, fashionable series of furniture.
Wendes furniture factory to do not choose the purpose of innovation, highly praise the complete design concept, is a pioneering spirit, innovative spirit of a fast growing enterprise. Every detail has special person to give high attention, as a result pure and luxurious furniture is loved by upper class personage.

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